When preparing the metallic colloid dispersions from ColloiD, there are no toxic additives such as B. in the known wet chemical representation for use. 

The gold solution is not produced by dissolving the gold in acids (aqua regia), as has been the case up to now, but rather electrochemically with an electrolyser modified for this production. 

No toxic additives are used in the reduction either. We use the "Green Synthesis" for this, which enables production without toxic chemicals. 

This manufacturing method ensures a non-toxic colloidal gold in extremely high concentrations up to > 10,000 mg / l. 

The gold dispersions we produce are heat-stable and can also be subsequently sterilized or autoclaved. 

Our gold colloidal dispersions are:

 - stable at > 0 ° C to > 100 ° C

 - stable in light, even in halogen and sunlight

 - stable against electromagnetic radiation (measured up to 5,000 Gauss)

 - stable in high voltage fields (measured up to 30,000 volts)

 - stable against microwaves (measured up to 700 watts)


Colloidal gold from ColloiD-Berlin:

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 ppm = mg / L
The pure colloidal gold

Our pure colloidal gold differs from the colloidal gold described above in that no organic reducing agents are used in this production which would form "protective colloids".
The problem of impairment of the effect of the colloidal gold associated with the protective colloids is known. Even in the early days of colloid chemistry, colloid chemists such as GUTBIER, DONAU, BLAKE and others produced colloidal gold with various gaseous reducing agents that leave no residue in the dispersion.
The problem with these processes was the poor stability of the dispersions produced in this way.
We solved this problem by stabilizing our pure dispersions electrostatically and not with organic additives.
This pure colloidal gold is technically far superior to all other dispersions. The shelf life seems almost unlimited. Even after years there is no color change. Irreversible coagulation has never been observed. Low flocculation is rare and minimal.

The most important difference to the dispersions produced according to the "green synthesis", however, is that these dispersions are not endangered by possible contamination. These dispersions do not mold and are still tasteless and odorless even after years.

The term "pure" was chosen to distinguish between these different gold dispersions. This does not mean that the other dispersions are "contaminated". It just doesn't contain any additives like stabilizers or organic protective colloids. In the past, these dispersions were divided into "protected" and "unprotected" gold. This pure colloidal gold would therefore be an "unprotected" gold. But that would not be true, because our pure colloidal gold is also electrostatically protected, which is much more beneficial.

The term "naked" colloids is also sometimes used today. That would also not be true because there are no naked colloids. There is not only the problem of protective colloids, but also that of gold oxide. This problem occurs with all manufacturing processes, both protected and unprotected - pure, atomized or laser-ablated - colloidal gold.

Pure colloidal gold from ColloiD-Berlin:
 ppm = mg / L

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