The company ColloiD-Berlin manufactures metallic nanoparticles  after the "Green Synthesis" in distilled water.

In our production method, no toxic additives are used as in the known wet-chemical presentation.

After careful dialysis, our colloidal dispersions are toxin free and suitable for both technical and biomedical uses.

The "green synthesis" we practice allows non-toxic colloidal dispersions in very high concentrations of up to several 1,000 mg / L.
The particle sizes are usually at 2 to 20 nm.

Our dispersions are characterized by the fact that they are produced due to technical perfection with a minimum amount of additives, whereby the effect of the gold particles is optimized. The low level of additives can be read off from the low TDS values, which in our dispersions are generally far below the measured gold concentrations.

The gold dispersions produced by us are heat-stable and can also be subsequently sterilized or autoclaved.

Our gold colloidal dispersions are:
- stable at > 0°C to < 100°C
- stable in light, even in halogen and sunlight
- stable against electromagnetic radiation (measured up to 5 000 Gauss)
- stable in high-voltage fields (measured up to 30 000 volts)
- stable against microwaves (measured up to 700 watts)
Colloidal gold from ColloiD-Berlin:

1 2 3 4 5

    (ppm = mg / L)

All prices are subject to change.

The company ColloiD does not operate telephone service. Any questions are to be asked by email.

Inquiries from private individuals to a medical use of colloidal dispersions or doses are not answered because we are not competent for it.

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